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CEAS JUST-IN-TIME Placards for Enhanced Access Control

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Business Network of Emergency Resources is pleased to announce an enhancement to its Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) that will allow program participants to self-print identification placards.

The new CEAS placard document provides a just-in-time alternative to ordering, printing, and shipping physical access cards. Coordinators can easily select specific cardholders from their essential employee population (see “How to Use the CEAS Placard Feature”) and email them a placard, granting the same access privileges that a traditional CEAS card would provide.

*Please note that CEAS Flex Cards are currently ineligible for just-in-time placards.

CEAS cards with JIT placard

These self-printed documents are specific to an individual, designed solely for the use of the intended holder.

The placard contains identifying information—such as name, company, and photograph—on a background that provides an additional level of fraud prevention. Furthermore, the document includes two different kinds of barcodes, each encoding the cardholder’s ID for verification purposes. CEAS technical support monitors every outbound placard for quality control and fraud prevention purposes.

Placards are valid for thirty days from the distribution date.

All CEAS placards are distributed with an orientation document to familiarize the cardholder with the proper use of the credential.

For more information go to:

Download CEAS JUST-IN-TIME Placard Instructions


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