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Our Valued Partners


BNET is a 501-C nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve community resiliency through the sustainability of businesses following a disaster. To this end, BNET partners with governments, public agencies, and private sector organizations to aid in disaster response and recovery. BNET’s essential employee credentialing program helps communities and businesses overcome obstacles to recovery and ensures the delivery of vital goods and services to impacted communities.

Our partners represent some of the most progressive disaster preparedness organizations in the nation.

Current CEAS Partner Programs

NYC Emergency Management
NYCEM plans and prepares for emergencies, educates the public about preparedness, coordinates response and recovery, and collects and disseminates emergency information. NYCEM partnered with BNET in 2004 to bring the Corporate Emergency Management System (CEAS) to the City's business community and promote business preparedness citywide.


Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)
MEMA is charged with ensuring that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is prepared to withstand, respond to, and recover from all types of emergencies and disasters, including natural hazards, accidents, deliberate attacks, and technological and infrastructure failures. MEMA partnered with BNET in 2015 to create the first statewide CEAS program in the nation.


City of Buffalo, NY
The City of Buffalo pioneered public-private partnerships by being the first city to pilot the CEAS partnership in 2003. The goal of the partnership was to mitigate economic damage by helping businesses quickly recover following an emergency.


Philadelphia, PA-  Office of Emergency Management
The Managing Director’s Office of Emergency Management (MDO-OEM) is responsible for ensuring the readiness of the City of Philadelphia for emergencies of any kind through an integrated and collaborative program that educates the public on how to prepare for emergencies.  MDO-OEM partnered with BNET in 2007 to lessen the impact of emergencies on the City's businesses.


City of Baltimore, MD - Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management
The Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management (MOEM)  maintains the highest level of preparedness to protect Baltimore’s citizens, workers, visitors, and environment from the impact of natural and man-made disasters. The MOEM partnered with BNET in 2009 to help Baltimore-based businesses of all types and sizes to be as prepared as possible for the next emergency.


City of Stamford, CT-  Department of Public Safety, Health and Welfare
The Stamford Department of Public Safety, Health and Welfare is responsible for coordinating City response to disasters, emergencies, and severe weather as directed by the Mayor. Stamford has been a BNET partner since 2005 when it implemented CEAS to help the business community recover quickly following a disaster.


Nassau County, New York-  Office of Emergency Management
Nassau County Office of Emergency Management's mission is to maintain a high level of preparedness in the county, and  to mitigate loss of life and vital assets prior to, during, and immediate aftermath of a disaster; and to facilitate the speedy recovery of Nassau County following a disaster. It is for this reason they partnered with BNET in 2009 to promote preparedness among the County's businesses.


Suffolk County, New York-  Office of Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services
Suffolk County has taken steps to ensure that businesses in the County remain operational and viable wherever possible in the wake of an emergency or disaster, by partnering with BNET to implement the new Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) in 2009.


Rockland County, New York-  Department of Fire & Emergency Services
Works daily with local, state, federal and private sector partners in emergency management to plan and prepare for large-scale, multi-jurisdictional responses to all natural or man-made disasters. Rockland County partnered with BNET in 2011 to raise business preparedness awareness with the Corporate Emergency Access System.


Rhode Island (Statewide) - Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency
The State of Rhode Island has taken steps to ensure that businesses in the State remain operational and viable wherever possible in the wake of an emergency or disaster, by partnering with BNET to expand the City of Providence's CEAS program Statewide in 2017.


Erie County, New York-  Division of Emergency Management Civil Defense/Disaster Preparedness
The Civil Defense/Disaster Preparedness Division executes the County plan for civil defense and disaster relief before, during and after any type of natural, man-made disaster or war time situation. Erie County joined the City of Buffalo in 2008 to expand the CEAS program to entire County.

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