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Business Network of Emergency Resources, Inc.

Physical Address: 34 South First Street, Suite 3, Fulton, NY 13069

Phone: (888) 353-2638  •  Fax: 888-353-2630

Customer Support Email-  [email protected]

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Program Orientation

A Company Coordinator may not begin assigning credentials until he/she completes the on-line CEAS Program Orientation. Once completion is certified, the Company Coordinator may begin the process of assigning credentials to employees.

All employees assigned to be credential holders will also be required to complete the CEAS Program Orientation; that process must be certified before employees will receive their credentials. The web-based Orientation is presented on-line through a link emailed enrolled cardholders. The  Orientation is presented in PowerPoint format and consist of slides describing the CEAS program as well a explaining the cardholder's responsibilities for the authorized use of CEAS credentials. At the end of the presentation a short 5 question quiz is conducted to affirm the credential holder's understanding of the program and his/her responsibilities.

Data Policy

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Contact a CEAS team member at:  [email protected]

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