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Credential Types and Allotments

Getting Started

The designated Company Coordinator uploads, into the CEAS system, the following information for each essential employee that will receive a CEAS Credential:

Employee Name

Email Address

Primary Work Location

Headshot Photo

  • Credential candidate must complete acknowledge receipt and understanding of the program orientation
  • Once completed CEAS just-in-time credentials can be sent to the user or Standard credentials will be printed by and shipped to the Company Coordinator for distribution to employees.
You may contact CEAS Support if you have questions or need assistance uploading personnel information or images into the system at (888) 353-2638 or [email protected]

Credentials can be issued in three formats. All can be scanned and verified in the fields by public-safety official:

  • Standard Credential: A physical identification card with company and cardholder information. The Standard credential has a one-year expiration.
  • Virtual Credential (Coming Soon): A PDF image sent to a smartphone that can be carried in your phone’s virtual wallet. The virtual card can be issued just-in-time and contains all of the information found on the Standard credential. The Virtual Credential can have varying expiration dates up to one year
  • Vehicle Dashboard Placard: is an 8x11”, self-printed. placard that can be placed in the windshield of a vehicle. A Placard can be issued just-in-time and contains all the information found on the Standard Card. The placard has a 30 day expiration
    Your subscription is assigned a Tier Level based on the size of your company. Your allotment of Credentials are based on your assigned Tier Level.
  • JUST-IN-TIME — 30-Day Placards for Enhanced Access Control
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