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Credential Allotments

Credential Allotments

In order to prevent an excess number of people from entering an impacted area, each State or municipality has enacted guidelines as to the number of cards that can be issued to an organization.  CEAS card credential allotments below are based on the percentage of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees assigned to a given facility.  

For Example:  A facility containing 300 full time equivalent employees would be entitled to designate a maximum of 15% of the employee base to receive credentials.  Under the program allotment rules in this instance 45 Standard cards would be allowed*. 


Credential Allotments for Commercial Property Management Companies

The credential allotments above do not provide sufficient personnel to minimally operate a commercial facility,  As such, a separate standard was developed to enable building operators a sufficient allotment of cards to safely staff and operate their facilities. The credential allotments outline below apply only to facilities operated by commercial property management companies.  


More about allotments: Flex cards

Flex Cards are the means by which Participants can credential employees in a just-in-time fashion. Understanding that companies may require more flexibility when responding to an event and that essential roles may change based on the situation, States and municipalities have authorized a non-photo credential that permits organizations to authorize certain employees as  "critical" in a just-in-time fashion during an actual event. This is known as a Flex Card.  Participants will be allotted a specific number of their authorized credential allotment to be issued as Flex cards. The allotments may vary from region to region, but  the CEAS Card Management System tracks and enforces these allotments.  In most cases companies may authorize up to 25% of their total Standard Card allotment to be issued as Flex Cards.  

Note: Each Flex Card requested will decrease the amount of available Standard Cards by one (1). 

FLEX card example:  If a particular facility has a card allotment of 45 (based on 300 FTE's), eleven (11) of them may be issued as Flex Cards, thus reducing the total allotment of Standard cards to 34. 

More about allotments: Multi-Facility Cards

In the post 9/11 urban landscape, companies have diversified geographically such that multiple critical business functions are not maintained under a single roof. This has led to the distribution of business functions and locations within the same municipality, resulting in certain critical employees needing access to multiple company facilities.

The Multi-Facility Card (MFC) was designed to permit certain employees to be designated as "super users", by permitting them to access  all company facilities within a given jurisdiction with a single credential.  Accessible facility locations are embedded into the credential and can be seen when electronically scanned at a checkpoint.

In order to issue these credentials without violating credential allotments, only 15% of your total card allotment may be issued as Multi-Facility cards.

Note: issuance of MFC's will reduce the number of Standard and Flex Cards that are allotted to that organization.  Each MFC issued equivalent to issuing one standard card for each participating organization facility.  The CEAS Card Management System will enforce these limitations.  If you have questions or  require assistance please contact CEAS Support.