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Law Enforcement Agency
Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS)

police checking dsWelcome to the Law Enforcement Information page for the Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS). Your community, city, or state has partnered with the non-profit Business Network of Emergency Resources (BNET) to implement the Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) in your jurisdiction. This is a restricted access page for police and government agencies only. The information on this page is not accessible to the general public. If you wish to post something specific to your municipal page on this site, please contact CEAS Support at [email protected].

This web page is intended to provide law enforcement agencies with the information and tools necessary to educate police officers in recognizing CEAS credential holders and their purpose. It will provide the visual queues of the credential itself along with education and training tools for police personnel and training officers. All files are downloadable and can be adapted to suit individual departmental needs. In addition, you will be able to download the newly available CEAS verification app for iOS (iPhone) and Android devices directly from this site. The app will allow officers to scan a CEAS card using the camera on their mobile device to verify the validity of the CEAS credential and track the entry and exit of individuals if desired.

Purpose of the CEAS Program

The private sector is responsible for operating and maintaining the vast majority of the critical infrastructure that helps our communities function. Emergencies can significantly affect the delivery of these services, and maintaining the continuity of private sector activity is important essential in sustaining these lifelines. It is this intrinsic connection between government, business and the community This intrinsic connection between government, business, and the community highlights the purpose of the CEAS program the CEAS program's purpose;. CEAS which is to helps maintain and restore normalcy to disaster-impacted disaster impacted communities by removing obstacles to travel and access that impede the operation and recovery of businesses, and including the flow of vital supplies, goods, and services into affected communities.

Police officers play a vital role in the success of the CEAS program, their familiarity with the concepts and credentials associated with it are is of the utmost importance.

Goal of the CEAS Program

The goal of CEAS is to assist public safety leaders and officers in facilitating the entry of pre-vetted, credentialed members of the private sector into areas that are otherwise off off-limits to the public because of disaster or emergency conditions. This is accomplished through the use ofby using a centrally issued, common credential (CEAS Card) that can be easily recognized and verified. Access is permitted when deemed safe and will not interfere with first responder operations.

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