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NEW - CEAS Vehicle Windshield Placard 

CEAS Emergency Access Credentialing

BNET is pleased to announce an enhancement to its Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) that will allow program participants to self-print identification placards.

This represents the most important CEAS program improvement to date. In addition to the recently released vehicle windshield placard.

The new CEAS placard provides a JUST-IN-TIME alternative to ordering, printing, and shipping physical access cards. Coordinators can easily select from their uploaded essential employee’s and email them a placard that can be placed in a vehicle windshield, granting the same access privileges that a traditional CEAS card would provide. If you have an active CEAS Program Subscription, Placards can be assigned in a Just-in Time fashion, enabling a coordinator to put a CEAS credential in an employee’s hand within minutes.

CEAS Virtual Credential

BNET will soon be releasing its new Virtual CEAS credential. The credential is a PDF version of the CEAS Standard Card that can be issued in a just-in-time fashion via email to the smartphone device of an intended user. The credential can be stored in a smartphone wallet and used and scanned just like the Standard CEAS Card.

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