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Credential Types

Getting Started

The designated Company Coordinator uploads, into the CEAS system, the following information for each essential employee that will receive a CEAS Credential:

  • Employee Name
  • Email Address
  • Primary Work Location
  • Headshot Photo
You may contact CEAS Support if you have questions or need assistance uploading personnel information or images into the system at (888) 353-2638 or [email protected]

Credentials can be issued in three formats. All can be scanned and verified in the fields by public-safety officials:

  • Standard Credential: A physical identification card with company and cardholder information. The Standard credential has a one-year expiration.
  • Virtual Credential (Coming Soon): A PDF image sent to a smartphone that can be carried in your phone’s virtual wallet. The virtual card can be issued just-in-time and contains all of the information found on the Standard credential. The Virtual Credential can have varying expiration dates up to one year
  • Vehicle Dashboard Placard: is an 8x11”, self-printed. placard that can be placed in the windshield of a vehicle. A Placard can be issued just-in-time and contains all the information found on the Standard Card. The placard has a 30 day expiration
    Your subscription is assigned a Tier Level based on the size of your company. Your allotment of Credentials are based on your assigned Tier Level.
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