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Cost to Participate

BNET, a not-for-profit organization, administers the CEAS program.  BNET receives no regular funding from government to operate the program. In order to cover its operating expenses and software development and maintenance we must charge end users a modest fee to participate in the program.

The Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) maintains participation of enrolled companies on an Annual Subscription basis. Annual subscriptions are invoiced at enrollment and may be renewed each year thereafter, making participation easier to budget an administer.  Subscription rates are outlined below.


The maximum number of credentials allotted to participating organizations under each Enrollment Tier is based on a percentage of full time equivalent (FTE) employees at each participating facility. These credential allotments are determined by sponsoring government authorities. An organization's total annual cost to participate is determined by the sum of its FTE's within all applicable facilities.

For large corporations with FTE's in excess of 3,000 FTE's additional blocks of 100 cards can be purchased for $1,500.00 annually up to the maximum allotment permitted.  Contact BNET Customer Service for assistance.

Important Information for Commercial Property Management Companies

Due the unique circumstance of this industry, Enrollment Tiers and credential allotments are based on square footage managed.  For more information Contact BNET Customer Support for assistance. 

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