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CEAS Program Credentials

The CEAS Credential is a common, secure identification card available in several different formats depending on the organizations access requirements.  Below is a brief description of each credential and its uses.



Standard Card: Is a photo identification card that is issued to a single employee or Essential Service Provider for access to specific facility.  The Standard Card lists the name of the employee and the address of the work location they are authorized to access 

Use Case: Permits a access of a specific employee to a specific facility

Special Use Case (City of Boston): CEAS is not based upon facility address in the City of Boston, therefore a CEAS Standard Card allows the specific user access to any work location within the City.  As such, there are no Multi-Facility Cards issued in Boston

Allotment:  Standard Cards are allotted as a percentage of full time equivalents (FTE's)  assigned to the specific facility. Allotment Percentages are determined by the issuing jurisdiction.  


Multi-Facility Card: Is a photo identification card that can be issued to a Critical Employee or Essential Service Provider and permits access to ALL Participant facilities within the issuing jurisdiction. The Multi-facility Card is intended for companies with multiple worksites within a given jurisdiction. Multi-Facility card are allotted on a limited basis. 

Use Case:  This credential is designed for use by a single individual whose duties require the need to be able to access multiple companies participating facilities.

Allotments:  Up to a total of 15% of an organizations total card allotment may be allocated as Multi-Facility Cards.

IMPORTANT: Assignment of a single Multi-Facility Card is equivalent to assigning one Standard Card per facility.  


Flex Card: Has no photograph and is intended to provide additional flexibility to the employer by allowing issuance to any employee based on situational discretion.  The Flex Card must always be accompanied by another form of government issued photo identification and proof of employment/ affiliation by the firm listed on the face of the Card. The Flex card gains the cardholder access to a single work location (with the exception of the City of Boston, where the Flex card gains access anywhere within the City).

Use Case: This card may be issued on a "just-in-timebasis to any employee not previously a cardholder but determined to be critical due to a current circumstance.

Allotments: Employers may request up to 25% of their eligible Cards to be issued as Flex Cards  (50% in Boston only).  Assignment of Flex cards will reduce the number of Standard Cards that may be issued.


All Area Access Card: A photo identification card issued to individuals affiliated with a specifically defined group of businesses.  This credential provides the cardholder unrestricted access (not address specific) anywhere within the issuing jurisdiction.

Allotments:  Availability and Allotment amounts  of All Area Access Cards are determined solely by government authority after submission of statement of justification by the requesting organization.  Contact CEAS Support to learn more