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FULTON, NY, November 12, 2020 (PRNewswire) – The nonprofit Business Network of Emergency Resources, Inc., (BNET) creators of the nation’s preeminent essential employee credentialing program, the Corporate Emergency Access Systems (CEAS), provided a preview today of upcoming program enhancements.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused BNET to reassess and improve the CEAS program relative to today’s technology and business continuity access needs,” said Peter Picarillo, BNET’s Executive Director.

BNET intends to begin launching program improvements in the 2nd Quarter 2021. The below enhancements aim to improve user experience and make it easier for government authorities to make informed access management decisions.

  • Virtual, “Just-in-Time” Credentialing – Will allow the “just-in-time” delivery of essential employee credentials to a smartphone or a local printer, and permit users to customize their response to an incident that limits access to an impacted area. Participants will no longer need to rely on the printing, delivery, and distribution of “hard” credentials during an event. All credential formats will be tied to the CEAS central database by a remotely verifiable barcode.
  • Single Credential Type – Multifacility, All Area, and Flex Cards will be eliminated to simplify the recognition of essential employees using a single, common identification token.
  • Elimination of Access Levels – Previously CEAS enrollees were categorized for access under two predetermined entry levels based on industry type. BNET has determined that essential employee access is best driven by events and executive order, not by a predetermined classification. CEAS will now use the nationally recognized North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes to identify a credential user’s industry type, giving more information and flexibility to access management decision-makers.
  • New Credential Design – In addition to the required business and user pedigree information, the redesigned credentials will make prominent the “essential” nature of the holder and increase the visibility of industry type.
  • Credit Card Pay Online – BNET will soon be accepting online payment with a credit card for its annual subscriptions.
  • Streamlined Training – Training will be significantly condensed and confirmed through clickwrap acknowledgments.
  • Removal of “Jurisdictional Specific” Participation Requirements – Standardizing participation requirements across communities will allow the program to open to interstate interoperability.

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