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Getting Approved

After submitting your application you will automatically be forwarded an Invoice and a Participation Agreement for signature by someone in your company authorized to enter into a agreement/contract. You will also need to submit the required proof of insurance.

Once payment and all documentation are received by BNET, your application will be approved and you will be able to begin requesting credentials for your employees.

About insurance requirements

The municipality you participate in sets the requirements for organizations that wish to receive credentials in the CEAS program. These requirements are enforced by BNET during the program application process.  All program participants must provide proof of general liability coverage and worker compensation insurance prior to being accepted into the program.  Coverage amounts are determined by company size and access to credentials.  Generally, the more credentials you are eligible to receive the more insurance coverage is required.  Section 5.2 of your Participation Agreement outline the coverage amounts necessary.

Some municipalities require that they are named as additional insured on the general liability policy.  This requirement will be indicated in section 5.5 of your Participation Agreement. 


About your invoice

Your invoice represents the annual cost to participate in the CEAS program.  Additional cards can be obtained at no additional cost as long as you remain withing the card allotments defined within your account.  Invoices can be paid by check, credit card or via electronic funds transfer (ETF).  If you choose to pay by ETF, contact BNET Customer Support for a transfer form to complete.

Invoices are generated on an annual basis from the date your program application was approved. You will be automatically invoiced 60 days prior to your expiration date.  

If you need to add additional facilities to your account, which would increase your participation Tier, notify BNET Customer Support in advance of your annual renewal.

About your Participation Agreement

The CEAS program is made possible through agreements between BNET and your local municipality or State.  BNET acts as the facilitator of these programs by enrolling participants and delivering credentials that are recognized by local law enforcement.  Program rules and requirements are developed by government and enforced through the Participation Agreement between BNET and your organization.  

Note: The Participation Agreement explains the requirements for program participation and serves as the "Participating Contract" with BNET.  This means that the Agreement cannot be altered or amended except under extenuating circumstances. In particular, the Insurance and indemnification sections are mandated by municipal authorities and are NOT subject to change.

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