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Activation Information and Tips for Coordinators

This information will be a helpful reminder to program users coordinators regarding the intended functioning of the CEAS program when activated. Please read carefully and share with your employees as necessary.

  • CEAS IS A VOLUNTARY PROGRAM and is not intended to place users in harms way.  Cardholders should only travel when they can do so with reasonable safety and ONLY as directed by appropriate company authority for business emergency purposes.
  • Please verify the validity of your emergency contact information in the CEAS on-line system. Inaccurate or outdated information may result in your not receiving vital information and notifications from BNET.
  • BNET will provide direct notifications to CEAS Coordinators and Emergency Contacts if the program is activated by the municipality.
  •  CEAS is intended to expedite your access and/or facilitate travel in response to an emergency event. If restrictions are in effect, your local municipality MUST first activate CEAS before cardholders are be authorized to travel or enter a restricted area.
  •  If activated by your municipality, BNet does NOT notify individual cardholders. It is your responsibility as Coordinator to notify the appropriate personnel within your organization.
  • It is a good practice to advise CEAS cardholders to have their cards in their possession at all times.
  • Make certain that CEAS has been activated by government authority before advising employees to attempt access to a restricted area.
  • Coordinators should advise cardholders NOT to self-deploy, but await instructions unless their immediate response has been pre-planned.
  • Misuse of a CEAS card, such as attempted use before the program has been activated) can result in that card being confiscated by authorities and suspensions of your company’s use privileges.
  • If your organization uses Flex cards, make certain that the cardholder has another form of positive ID with them when attempting access (preferably Company ID or letter that matches the company name on the card).
  • Law enforcement personnel ALWAYS have the final word regarding the use of your cards.  Cardholders are to obey public safety personnel regardless of the activation status of the program. Denial of access during activation of CEAS should be reported to BNET at 888-353-2638 or support@ceas.com

Important Note: Coordinators in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should be aware that CEAS does not require government "activation" of the program for CEAS credentials to be valid.  

Additional Tips/Links:

  • An employee who is prepared at home will be in a better position to assist the company during an emergency.  Reinforce with your employees that they make necessary plans in advance to protect their loved ones and homes. 
  • Coordinators should monitor condition carefully and check for updates from their local emergency management offices (links here). 


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