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Information and Tips for CEAS Cardholders

  • CEAS must be activated before you can use your card. Except in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and State of Rhode Island, in which cards are valid at all times, program activation is not required.
  • Cardholder MUST have a work facility within the defined “Restricted Area” (check with your Company Coordinator)
  • Cardholders should NEVER self-deploy unless pre-planned to do so or instructed to by company authority.
  • ALL Cardholders, especially those using FLEX (non-photo) cards, should always carry a second form of government issued identification as well as a form of company ID or letter on company letterhead.
  • Have your CEAS card with you at all times.  Cardholders should present their CEAS card to law enforcement authority if stopped while traveling or trying to enter a restricted area.  Cardholders should state their purpose and destination as an essential employee for the company.
  • Misuse of a CEAS card can result in the card being confiscated by authorities or your company's privileges being suspended.  In cities and states that require program activation make sure CEAS has been activated by government authority and you have been requested by company authority to respond before attempting to travel or access a restricted area.
  • Law enforcement personnel ALWAYS have the final authority to grant or deny you permission to travel or access a restricted area.  Cardholders are to obey the lawful orders of police personnel regardless of the activation status of the program.
  • Denial of access during a CEAS activation should be immediately reported to your Company Coordinator or appropriate company authority.

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